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Flat bit tongs: 3 QTY
1/8" 3/16" 1/4" all with V-grooves to handle both round and square stock in addition to sheet material. 
$75 Each

Pickup tongs: 2 QTY
Needle nose style pickups for picking sheet and small material out of the fire. 
$85 each

Soft face hammer: 1 QTY
3.5 lbs head weight. Double faced

Cross peen: 1 QTY
Viking era styled head configuration 1 lbs head weight.

Rivet Hammer: 1
3/4-1lbs head weight. Cross peen configuration ( dressed as shared photo) 

Header: 1 QTY
1'x4" 1/2"+ thickness.  7/32" hole diameter for heading pins.

Hand held tools: 6 QTY
Curved fuller, Two flat tools, Two butchers, Centre Punch ( working end angled as described by customer) 
$38 each

All tools to will be made to order and created based on customer correspondance and shared photos. 
To be completed and shipped by the end of June 2022.

Subtotal $1341
Shipping $20
Total $1361

Custom order for David Ruso

Out of Stock
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