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Faram Fuller (Small)


Image of Faram Fuller (Small)
  • Image of Faram Fuller (Small)

Hand forged from Atlantic 33 tool steel.

These are available in two sizes. The small (which I use most) is good for leafing detail and curves, creates deeper depressions and works great for borders rich in texture. The larger which is perfect for more gradual bordering and more soft depressions. The two work great together or alone!

The idea behind how these work is they are a combo between a Butcher tool and a ball fuller. The flat side isolates the area to be untouched while the ball section shoves the material away, leaving a raised section of the parent material while also leaving a ball texture. This texture can be further complemented by use of a standard ball fuller.

Tools are approx. 7.5" long x 5/8 square.

All tools are made to order and please allow up to a 3 week lead time.